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Husband Of Freddie Gray Prosecutor Just Made MAJOR Announcement!

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One Mosby is more than enough.

Baltimore Attorney General Marilyn Mosby probably saw “Power Couple” in bright shining lights throughout the city of Baltimore if her husband Nick could have secured the Office of the Mayor. I think having a married couple with that much-concentrated power over a city would not have been a good thing. It should not even be permitted.

This race was never “about him.” That is until he figured out he had no chance of winning it. He backed out to avoid a humiliating defeat and for no other reason. Spare us the lofty self-serving explanations.


Mosby held a news conference in front of City Hall Wednesday where he will finish out his term as councilman, serving the 7th District. He explained why he’s leaving the race.

Mosby said he came to a difficult decision to suspend his campaign for mayor. He called the decision personally and professionally challenging, saying he spent days thinking about it.

“This is the toughest decision of my entire life. It’s not the first time I’ve had my back up against the wall and I tried to fight it out. I just think at this particular moment, it’s time for us as a city to come together and figure out how we move our city forward, and after consultation with family and soul searching, I came up with the decision today,” Mosby said.

The councilman also announced his endorsement for mayoral candidate state Sen. Catherine Pugh. He said she is in the best position to link the city with state and federal officials who can ensure investment in the community.

Thank God! All we need is a cop hating couple like him and his publicity, celebrity seeking wife. I guarantee a scandal would have ensued had he been elected. If you think his wife is full of herself now, imagine if he had been elected.

Thinking about what they were trying to do in Baltimore angers me a lot more than before. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Baltimore needs a Republican Mayor anyway. The Democratic Party has screwed over the city for decades, and that’s a stone-cold fact.

What do you think about Mosby dropping out of the Mayoral race? Do you think Baltimore could have survived with a Mayor and Attorney General couple wreaking havoc throughout the state? Share your comments (below) and let us know what you are thinking about this development.