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The Hypocrisy of Beyoncé’s Feminism in One Tweet

beyonce feminist 2

Beyoncé stood in front of a two-story tall sign that read “feminist” during her performance on MTV’s Music Video awards Sunday night. This came minutes after her being surrounded by female dancers wearing nothing but lingerie, with Beyoncé sitting with her legs spread wide.

This side-by-side image comparison in this tweet describes it perfectly:

Beyoncé’s brand of feminism looks a lot like being sexually provocative – a far cry from the ideal of equal rights in the original women’s suffrage movement.

Fans and feminists everywhere are praising the “empowering” performance. Is this the new ideal feminists are striving for?




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  2. Roger says:

    Just another black trash slut that gives all blacks a bad name….she would be better served hooking in an alley in washington with michelle fat a s….PERIOD….KTN…

  3. Wall says:

    I guess being liberated to this sleaze is the right to objectify others while you sit there spread eagled objectifying yourself… Soon her SKIN DEEP beauty will fade and all will see her for what she truly is…DEPRAVED.

  4. Vonnie says:

    Such trash. Typical Beyonce’. Preaches Feminism but exploits the female dancers.