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What Hypocrisy! #NeverTrump Leaders Want You To Take Action Against Congress Members Involved In This!

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Phoenix

Just last week, one of the #NeverTrump leaders Erick Erickson  met in Washington, DC., to speak with the establishment to mount a “Stop Trump” operation.  This operation’s mission was to halt the surging GOP front-runner Donald Trump in his tracks and push Sen. Ted Cruz forward in a way to manufacture a brokered convention in July.

Now Erickson is angry Trump plans on meeting some powerful Congressional names in DC this week. No one knows what will be discussed in the meeting, but Erickson is not happy.

From the Resurgent:

The capitulation of the Republican Establishment will happen today in Washington at the law firm of Jones Day, located at 51 Louisiana Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. Leaders of the party will gather to kneel before Donald Trump and pledge allegiance to him in an effort to finally stop Ted Cruz from making DC listen.

Jeff Sessions will be there. Tom Cotton of Arkansas will be there. Other congressmen and Senators will show up too.

The party faithful should, frankly, make them radioactive. This meeting comes as news spreads that Utah, the most Republican state in the nation, will be competitive for Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is the nominee. But these guys don’t really care about that. They know the donor money will still flow and they will still control the access and power in Washington with Trump in charge.

Ted Cruz would fundamentally shake things up. Trump will not. So these guys would rather Trump than Cruz and their process of uniting behind Trump will begin today.

Conservatives should take note of who enters and exits 51 Louisiana Avenue today and hold them accountable.

What a ridiculous position to take, especially from so-called conservative minds. This is nothing more than a liberal tactic from a group of sore losers who can stand how they are unable to craft a message like Trump to reach the masses.

It’s more than simple when you look at it but people like Erickson want to be the savior and can’t give up the spotlight, and that in itself is wickedly evil.

What do you think of this statement by the #NeverTrump crowd? Would you sign on as an advocate or would you tear it up as a dissenter? Share your opinions (below) in the comment section and let us know how you feel. Don’t forget to share this on your twitter/facebook page.

h/t – Resurgent