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Hypocrite Hillary Did THIS While Speaking About Income Inequality!

Income Inequality

Could liberals be any less hypocritical on the issue of income inequality? While Hillary rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars from speeches, she lectures us on the perils of income inequality. While her and her husband utilize every tax deduction and tax shelter available, we’re lectured on the rich not paying their “fair share” (which translates to “more”).

In addition to loving mansions and private jets, Hillary has very expensive taste in fashion, the New York Post reports.

Judging by her horrid appearance, you probably wouldn’t guess how expensive her clothes really are.

One especially notable item in Clinton’s wardrobe is the $12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed smock she wore during a discussion on income inequality earlier this year following her primary victory in New York.

The price of the smock is nearly half of what the average American worker makes in a year. The Post estimated that Clinton had spent at least $200,000 on new clothes to wear on the campaign trail.

But while most Americans would never be able to afford it, Hillary Clinton could earn enough to cover the cost of the tweed smock in about three minutes of work on the speaking circuit, where she was typically paid about $250,000 to give one-hour speeches to bland organizations like the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. She charged public universities as much as $300,000 per speech. She is very concerned about income inequality.

“We all know many people who are still hurting,” she said while wearing the fancy jacket. “I see it everywhere I go.”

What makes this particular item of clothing so expensive? Here’s a quick breakdown, using approximate figures:

Income Inequality Income Inequality

Bernie Sanders is the only person actually intellectually consistent on the issue, as he has over $60,000 in credit card debt and can hardly be considered wealthy. Though that has to do more about his lack of personal finance skills than anything else.

On second thought, I’d be fine with Hillary redistributing some of her wealth to me.

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