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Hypocrites: Socialist Canada Is Kicking Out A Child With Down Syndrome Because Of THIS!

Nico Montoya, a 13-year-old boy with Down syndrome, plays soccer with his home with his father Felipe, right, his sister Tania, second left, and his mother Alejandra Garcia, left, at their home in Richmond Hill, Ont. Felipe Montoya, an Ontario university professor has applied for permanent residency in Canada after moving from Costa Rica, is facing the prospect of having to leave the country because his son Nico has Down syndrome.

People on the left love to lecture us on how compassionate socialized medicine is and how it is the only way to care for all people.

Their shining example is Canada, a country with a government-run health system.

Next time they bring up compassion or Canada, show them this story.

via The National Post

An Ontario university professor who has applied for permanent residency in Canada is facing the prospect of having to leave the country because his son has Down Syndrome.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has told Felipe Montoya that his son’s condition makes him inadmissible to Canada because of the potential burden the child would place on the health care system.
Immigration lawyers say that when a whole family applies for residency, a finding of inadmissibility against one of its members winds up applying to everyone on the application.

Montoya takes exception to CIC’s ruling, saying his 13-year-old son is currently making use of the same publicly available resources as his daughter, who does not have a disability.

“A burden on the health care system?” Does that sound like a compassionate Canadian or a radical eugenicist?

This is what socialism does, it devalues life for the take of the “greater good.”

Truly vile.

And yet people still want to move there because of Trump? Better hope no one in your family is sick!

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