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Of All People, I Can’t Believe This Senator Is Condemning Trump!

Mitch McConnell

After everything Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner did to the Republican Party the last eight years, he can keep his comments to himself.

On Wednesday, McConnell decided to tell GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump to start acting like a presidential candidate and then he went further by giving him pointers. First off, let me say if the people wanted a politician they would have voted for the other yahoos who lost to Trump. Secondly, if those two bumbling fools didn’t compromise so much with the Democrats, Trump would have never run in the first place.

Thirdly, wasn’t it McConnell who decided to say he didn’t want Obama to succeed? What type of leader would publicly say that and that did put a stigma over Republicans the first couple of years into Obama’s first term. I don’t take kindly to so-called leaders popping their chops when they haven’t done anything to curb the way Congress has hurt the American people.

From The Hill:

“He should be acting like a presidential candidate,” he said late Wednesday onCNN. “Donald Trump has got a lot of good qualities, but he needs to put them forward and suppress some of these other actions.”“While they may not have been issues that defeated him the Republican primary, he’s now got a totally different electorate,” McConnell said of some of Trump’s controversial comments. “If he’s going to be president, he’s going to have to be president of all the people, not just some of them.”

McConnell and other Republicans are aghast over Trump’s repeated attacks on the impartiality of a judge overseeing lawsuits against the billionaire based on his ethnicity.

Trump insisted last week Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s “Mexican” heritage may make him biased due to the businessman’s immigration policies.

McConnell on Wednesday said Trump must become a more unifying figure if he truly wants the presidency.

Trump’s power base is the average Republican voter. They love him for bucking the establishment. The RNC establishment is trying to rein him in. The minute they succeed in separating Trump from his base, they are going to dump him and install one of their own. It will be interesting see who will win..Trump or the establishment. My money is on Trump…he is used to swimming with sharks.

Trump is the defacto voice of the party right now. Mitch, in his entire political career, has never had even a small margin of the public support that Trump has. Time to line up behind the people’s choice, Mitch, and your new leader…if you don’t like it…Hillary is looking for establishment types like you. Call her.

Lastly, let me say Trump is doing fine, keep it rolling sir, your message of how you’d Make America Great is coming through loud and clear. Don’t listen to McConnell or any of those guys – they helped you get to where you are today and now they want you to change?

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