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I Can’t Believe What Obama Is Doing To Stop Trump!


Barack Obama was so bad at his job as president over the past seven and a half years he wants to make sure the GOP front-runner doesn’t get in. Obama doesn’t enjoy watching Donald Trump do well with the voters because he knows someone who has no strings as regular politicians do can undo a lot of his “fundamental transformation.”

According to The Daily Caller, Obama is using tax dollars to fund several non-profit immigration activist groups that are launching a massive plan to turn green card-holding immigrants into voting citizens.

The NPNA has often spoken out against Trump, denouncing him for his “hateful rhetoric” on immigration. On their Facebook page, the group says their goal is to convince aliens residing in the US legally to become citizens because they “have the potential to change America’s electorate.”

In essence, they want to turn illegal immigrants into citizens because they know they will immediately vote liberal.

Obama doesn’t want Trump in the White House, and he’s made it clear the past month or so by blaming the media and even going as far to say he won’t be President. Where does this soothsayer get his palms read?

It’s sickening that Obama is using our tax dollars to try to take Trump down.

I am sure I speak for millions of Americans when I say Obama needs to go. He is against everything good in America; he has no right to allow illegals to vote in America; this is unconstitutional. The American people need to take a stand and bury Obama and Hillary by electing Trump.

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