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I Can’t Believe What Trump Is Being Blamed For NOW!!

Donald Trump

I do not agree with a lot of things that MSNBC employee Andrea Mitchell has to say when she sits on air and gives her opinion, but blaming Donald Trump or thinking of associating him with the egging of one of his supporters is enough to anger anyone.

The “rioters” have tried their hardest to bait Trump supporters into attacking them and no one outside of a couple incidents early in the campaign that the media goes on and on about have taken that bait.

Listen up Andrea and your failed media friends, when you attack Trump, you attack the American people. When you call Trump racist, bigot, sexist, etc. – we remember you FALSELY accusing every American of this racist crap if we didn’t bow down to every Lefty/Progressive falsehood spewed out by every single news outlet. We’ve endured that crap for over 8 years – and we are finished with you.

Anyone with a brain can see this bias from a hundred miles away. Anyone watching the other day when on the Morning Joe Andrea Mitchell was asked if Hillary lied, which everyone had concluded and she refused to say that she had.

From Real Clear Politics:

I just came back from California and, I’m heading back there tonight. The fact is that there is tremendous antipathy right now around this whole race. Yet when they closed the registration for California, on Friday night, Sacramento secretary of state announced it is unprecedented, historic, almost 18 million people now registered. 72% of those eligible have registered to vote. And this is, I think, really generated by the concern that the hispanics and others have about Donald Trump.

That awful awful egging of the Trump supporter in San Jose is, I think, you can’t separate it from the egging on, no pun intended, in North Carolina and elsewhere, that he did at his rallies. And what we have come to is a really bad place.

Watch the video here:

How can she fix her mouth to say something like that?

Mitchell (wife of Alan Greenspan) sits in her ivory tower pontificating on the little people and their being responsible for being victims of low life scumbags. If only one day she walks out of her building to have one of these lovely people greet her in the same fashion. Oh my, the horror of it all. She would immediately take to the airwaves to expound on the need to eradicate them from the face of the earth. The elites really are a disgustingly pious, useless bunch.

Let me just say it, Trump supporters are being treated worse than Al-Qaeda inmates at Abu Ghraib the liberal media so valiantly defended.

Do you think Andrea Mitchell is justified in blaming Trump or do you think she’s way off course? Share your comments below and give us an idea of what you were thinking about the biased media. 

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Hey liberals. How does it feel to be culturally enriched in the diversity that is Obama’s world? Both the San Jose mayor and police chief admit they gave stand down orders against anyone who attacked Trump supporters, which led to many people being hurt and untold property damage, AND, there have been no repercussions against the city officials who took an oath to protect and defend ALL CITIZENS. Where is Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Conspicuously absent, despicably silent, and grossly negligent. What will this administration say when someone gets seriously injured, maimed or killed? Will they insist “THEY WERE ASKING FOR IT” because they dare to support a candidate you oppose?

  2. Juan Two Three says:

    Next rally, people should be ‘GLOCKED & LOADED’ to handles the greasy Mexican pukes! A few down would hopefully wake the rest of the ILLEGAL ALIEN and LEGAL Mexicans protestors attention, that they better not be flying their FUGLY Mexican flag or burning the American Flag. That is immediate reason to hurt someone.