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Iconic American Company Laying Off Thousands!

Macy’s Department store is the latest American company that is cutting employees.

To the tune of 6,000 jobs!

The company already closed four stores last year and will shutter another 36 this spring, affecting more than 2,700 associates, it said on Wednesday. A spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the company is not yet sure how many of those workers it can place in other stores.

Clearance sales at most of the stores being closed — which are listed below — will start Jan. 11 and run for eight to 12 weeks. Macy’s, which also owns Bloomingdale’s, said another 3,000 associates will be affected by store staffing reductions, though it plans to assign half of those workers to other positions.

The job cuts are widespread: Macy’s also said it’s offering a “voluntary separation opportunity,” or severance deal, for 165 senior executives. It also plans to cut 600 back-office jobs, though says it will reassign 150 of those people, and will shut down a St. Louis call center with 750 employees.

In total, more than 6,000 people will be affected. The company employs about 163,000 people, the spokesperson said in an email.

This is concerning. We already know Obama is lying about the real unemployment number. How many more jobs will we lose this year?

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Pray for these people and their families.

Now Watch This. Transportation company BNSF laid off hundreds before the new year.


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