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Idiots Break Into What They Think Is an Empty Weapons Shop… BIG Mistake!

Two thieves in Houston, TX thought it would be smart to break into a place called Class 3 Weapons (which probably means they have some pretty serious weapons in there).


According to local media reports, the suspects likely thought the store owner wasn’t in the closed shop. They were dead wrong. Literally.

The owner who was still in the store immediately grabbed a shotgun and opened fire on the pair.

One of the suspects was instantly killed. The second suspect immediately ran for his life. He is still at large.

Based on images from local news reports, it appears the store owner used a Remington 870 (or similar) pump shotgun equipped with Magpul accessories.

Houston thieves

Watch the report here via ABC13:

Guess one of the two will have a story to tell his friends and family members after he gets out of jail…

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H/T – ABC13