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If Obama Had His Way, the Only Turkey He Would Pardon Is in This Story – SHAMEFUL!


President Barack Obama and all his big government programs are going down the drain.

The graphic above is a good one but it’s no laughing matter.

Democrats have to admit failure and move on. Repeal the Obamacare monstrosity, and stop taking my taxes to pay for subsidies. Most of those enrolled have been dumped into Medicaid – further increasing our deficit.

For those advocating universal Medicare for all coverage, remember that Medicare is almost broke. The VA is an absolute disaster, and Medicaid shows how expensive government programs are. We probably pay more administering these boondoggles than we spend for the actual services. Government by definition is inefficient, and it cannot be given control over health care.

Before Obamacare, health care worked well for about 300 million of us. Now, there are about 10 million enrolled in this fiasco – so we upset the entire system for the benefit of a paltry 3% of the population. That is simply stupid.

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h/t – Columbus Dispatch/Beeler