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If the Mainstream Media Won’t Expose What This Democrat Did Then We Will


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane apparently took the limitations of her power too far and has been arraigned. The state’s Top Cop was charged with violating grand jury secrecy laws, leaking details of an investigation to retaliate against a political enemy and lying about it under oath.

Kane, who had Bill Clinton’s support during her campaign and who Chris Matthews declared to have Presidential potential, refuses to resign from office. Philly.com described her as being “bent on retaliation,” as she allegedly abused the powers of her office.

Kane’s issues with her partisan leveling of justice apparently occurred early into her term when in her first year in office, she declined to press charges and shut down an undercover sting that caught her fellow Democrats taking cash and jewelry.

The national mainstream media doesn’t appear to be interested in this story. At the time of this writing, CNN and MSNBC don’t even mention this important news on the home pages of their websites. If they ever bother covering this story, I wonder if they will mention Kane’s political party.

Do you think the media would be highlighting Kane’s arrest if she were a Republican? Please comment below.

H/T: Philly.com




  1. Walt says:

    This is Pennsylvania, land of up chuck Schumer. She’ll probably get re-elected several times.

  2. Dean says:

    “Mainstream Media” would vilify a Republican or Independent” in this situation, but since “mainstream” media, and in most cases the media in general, give their full support to, and assist in every way, Democrats this story will never see air or print by the “mainstream media”!

  3. omaramike says:

    If she has any sense at all she will quietly slink away before there is any farther investigation into her term as her arrogant self important attitude pretty much assures there will be additional dirt heaped on the pile is she stays visible. She should leave quickly while McDonalds can still afford to hire counter people. She won’t last long with her attitude but it may get her through her initial release from prison.