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Volunteers Were Traveling To Help Louisiana Flood Victims, Didn’t Realize Their Driver Was…

illegal bus

A bus operated by an illegal immigrant caused a horrendous chain of events that resulted in the loss of life to victims involved, and law enforcement officials are wanting answers.

Regardless how you feel about immigration, this driver’s decision to break the law by entering our country then illegally operating a bus led to the death of two of our fellow citizens. That’s unacceptable.

How did he get hired by the charter service? His documentation and his valid, correctly classified driver’s license should have been confirmed before he ever took the wheel. It sounds like this charter service is about to go out of business unless they’re ready to pay millions in damages to all the passengers and the families of the two people killed.

illegal bus

illegal bus

From Good Morning America:

Two people were killed, and 36 were injured when a charter bus drove by a man without a license who is in the U.S. illegally crashed into vehicles at the scene of a previous minor accident on Interstate 10 near La Place, according to the Louisiana State Police.

One of the people killed was a district fire chief from the St. John the Baptist Fire Department, Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey said.

The bus driver, Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, is from the Honduras and is in the U.S. illegally, Matey said. He was being treated for injuries, but will be arrested on two counts of negligent homicide and one each of reckless driving and driving without a license, she said.

“Additional criminal charges are forthcoming,” she said.

“He is in this country illegally from Honduras. He has no driver’s license. He had minor injuries,” she said, adding that it was not clear where in Hoinduras he was from.

The people on the bus, which is owned by AM Party Bus/Christina’s Transportation, were “daily hires” who were in the area to do construction and rebuild following the devastating flooding that hit Louisiana, she said.

It is not known who hired the workers, but police believe they are in the U.S. illegally, Matey said.

In the country illegally and driving a bus illegally yet somehow the media wants me to believe they were on their way to help with flood clean up.

Our southern border is a big problem. Illegals know if they journey to this country, Obama will give them welfare, food stamps free medical care, and housing. If they have children then they get even more money. They do not have to pay taxes nor do the people that hire them. They will work for less money taking those jobs from Americans who want something else.

It’s high time this stops and if elected, I believe Donald Trump will help to set things right. Can he take care of this situation by himself? No, but if the American people see he’s willing to work hard and get things done they will stand and cooperate with him.

What are your thoughts about this accident? Who is at fault? The driver or the company that hired him or both? When you read this story and watched the video what were your first thoughts? Share your opinion below in the comment section.