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BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Threatens To ASSASSINATE Presidential Candidate!

Trump Assassination

Remember years ago when liberals couldn’t shut up about the so-called Republican “War on Women”? The Republican foot-soldiers have apparently gone soft, as Hillary’s campaign rallies haven’t seen a single act of violence from protesters, while those attending Trump rallies are routinely attacked, and have their property vandalized.

The anti-Trump loons haven’t moved on from attacking supporters – but they did try to hit a bigger target: Donald Trump himself.

A man arrested[ed] at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas told authorities he tried to grab an officer’s gun so he could kill the candidate, according to federal authorities.

A complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nevada charges Michael Steven Sandford with an act of violence on restricted grounds. He’s expected to appear in court on Monday afternoon.

Authorities said Sandford went to a Trump rally on Saturday at the Treasure Island Casino and approached a Las Vegas police officer to say he wanted an autograph from Trump. The report says Sandford grabbed the handle of an officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it, and was arrested.

It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney. Las Vegas police say Sandford is 19.

Sandford had a United Kingdom driver’s license with him at the time, according to the complaint. He told a special agent that he was in the U.S. for about a year and a half and lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, then drove to the San Bernardino, California area in his car before coming to Las Vegas on June 16.

Sandford told officers he had been planning an assassination for about a year and was convinced he would die in the attempt. He said he also reserved a ticket for a Trump rally in Phoenix, scheduled for later in the day, as a backup.

This genius faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. I guess now he’ll have to hope that Trump wins the election. If he loses, he’s going to be spending the next decade in prison for nothing.
Liberals are the ones inciting violence, whether or not the media would like to admit it or not. Get the word out and share this post on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Dori says:

    I don’t think this kid could have wrestled an ant let alone a cop.

  2. Irene says:

    Why is it so much raged and hate here in AMERICA these days?

  3. Burnel says:

    If someone threatened to assassinate the president he would be in prison, the same should be for presidential candidates.