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Alert: This State Is Planning Gun Confiscation!

Obama Wants To Take Your Guns (3)

Democrats nationwide have been trying (and thankfully failing) to curb the 2nd Amendment and take our guns away!

But one Dem-controlled state just took a frightening step in that direction!

Via Guns.com

A trio of bills in the Illinois Senate could lead to more denials of Firearm Owners Identification Cards as well as mandate police remove firearms from those without one.

Introduced last month, the proposals would compare FOID card applicants against terror watch lists, revoke cards of those later diagnosed with mental disability or a finding that a person has been involuntarily admitted, and direct police to pursue the seizure of guns from those who have lost their cards

Woah. That is straight up confiscation! Also there are a ton of problems with so-called “terror watch lists”

And guess which places is the model for this legislation?

Gun control advocates see the package as extending the firearms regulations common in Chicago to the rest of the state. Indeed, in 2013 Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart established small teams of deputies to go door-to-door rounding up firearms, ammunition and FOID cards from convicts and individuals adjudicated mentally defective.

That’s right, they think Chicago, the murder capital of America, is a MODEL for gun control!

When will the left learn to respect our 2nd Amendment?

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