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Immediately After Endorsing Trump, Paul Ryan Said THIS!

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So Rep. Paul Ryan was under pressure from the Congressional Republicans to support GOP nominee Donald Trump? Is that the story? Honestly as a Trump supporter, I don’t need the endorsement. By the way, I am supporting Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen to replace Ryan in the fall. I don’t believe anyone should be under pressure to support anyone.

If Trump isn’t your guy, then you shouldn’t vote for him. That’s how the country gets in trouble. You vote for someone you don’t support then you curse the day you pulled the lever. If Trump wins the election, he should win it on people that trust and believe he’s going to do the job, and that will hold him accountable for his decisions.

After Ryan “endorsed” Trump, he added gave the nominee a poke of the possibility of changing his tune in the upcoming weeks. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but Ryan got off a shot for his buddies.


From The Hill:

Under pressure from fellow Republicans, Ryan issued a long-awaited endorsement in an article for his hometown newspaper in Wisconsin, The Gazette, after repeatedly saying he needed more time to decide his stance on Trump.

In an interview with The Associated Press shortly after the Gazette published the article, Ryan said he wanted to ensure Republicans would be united going into the fall, but expressed some concern about Trump’s candidacy.

He said he needed a certain “comfort level” before endorsing Trump, whom he has rebuked on multiple occasions over the last year.

“It is my hope the campaign improves its tone as we go forward and it’s all a campaign we can be proud of,” he told the AP.

Ryan said he needed time to talk to Trump personally to be assured the presumptive Republican presidential nominee would fall in line with the House GOP agenda.

At various points in the campaign, Ryan has condemned Trump for proposing to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., declining to disavow support from a Ku Klux Klan leader and doing little to rein in violence at campaign rallies.

Ryan is no fool and sees the writing on the wall. Ryan just wanted the conservatives to think that they were being looked after.

Just curious – does anyone out there allow these endorsements to sway their votes? We keep seeing the media, both pro, and anti-Trump, making semi-big deals about various politicians endorsing Trump. Does that matter to anyone out there? I truly am curious about that.

H/T – The Hill, Associated Press

I’ll sit back and await my message-board insults, and hopefully, get someone with a serious answer. Has anyone’s endorsement swayed you to vote for a candidate since the campaign began? Let us know when the comments section below at this story to your Facebook or Twitter page.

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