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Impeachment Isn’t Tough Enough For Obama, Michael Savage Wants Him Charged For THIS

Michael Savage

Various talking heads throughout the past seven years have called for impeachment proceedings for President Obama, due to his abuse of power and authority at the executive level.

Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, doesn’t believe that goes nearly far enough, however.

In an interview with NewsMax TV, Savage suggested that Obama be subjected to something similar to the Nuremburg Trials in World War II.

Savage insisted we find out if “Obama (is) guilty of crimes against America.”

You can listen to the entire interview below (relevant portion at about 2:30) …

Savage also went on to call Obama’s reign in the White House a “dictatorship.”

Via Mediaite:

Savage denounced “this thing in the White House,” and said that, “We’re living in a dictatorship. We need an impeachment right now, and more than that Steven, I’ve been calling on my show for the past few days, I’m so pissed off, for more than impeachment, because I know that can’t happen.”

“Remember the Nuremberg Trials in WWII, for what the Nazis had done to the world?” he asked host Steve Malzberg. “It sounds extremist but it really isn’t: we need a Wichita People’s Trial in America, conducted by the people online; prosecution, defense, jury. Is Obama guilty of crimes against America?”

“The people have to do it,” Savage said. “Whether we have any effect or not is almost irrelevant, at least we can express ourselves.”

Comment:  Do you think President Obama is truly guilty of any ‘crimes against America?’  Or has Savage gone too far with his comparison to trials conducted during World War II?


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  1. Jerry says:

    Outlaw liberalism world wide, NOW!!!