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Incredible: Dad Repairs Bridge Where His Daughter Died, City Arrests Him


Georgia resident, Shannon Hamilton recently lost his daughter to a car accident in which the truck she was riding in went over a bridge. Cecily Hamilton and the teen driver she was with, both passed away from drowning after the fall.

Not wanting any parent to endure the pain he has faced at the loss of a child, Cecily’s father began a petition to urge local officials to erect a safety barricade on the bridge at the same location that his daughter plunged to her death.

One month and 3,000 signatures later, nothing had been done by the city to ensure the safety of others traveling over the bridge.

So Hamilton took action. Citing “reckless disregard” by others, he installed the safety barricades himself.

Via The Free Thought Project:

There are currently barricades along the length of the bridge, but none at the entrance after the curve. Had there been barricades, Hamilton’s father believes that the teenagers may still be alive today.

Since this tragic accident, the father of 16-year-old Cecily, Shannon Hamilton, has been attempting to get the county to construct barricades to prevent any more lives being lost. Unsatisfied with the county seeming to blow off the issue, the grieving father decided to take matters into his own hands to make his community a safer place. Hamilton began constructing temporary safety features himself using materials donated by neighbors.

The city responded – not with praise and thanks – but by having Hamilton arrested.

Hamilton’s son posted video of the arrest online:

The description reads: “My dad, Shannon Hamilton, was arrested today for attempting to put up temporary barricades on the gene nix Rd. Bridge. White county”

He was arrested and charged with “Criminal Interference With Government Property.”

The local District Attorney has not decided whether to move forward with the case, but did say he’d consider the tragedy Hamilton has had to endure when making a decision.

Do you believe the city was right in how they handled the situation? Please share your thoughts on this video in the comments section.



  1. Sara says:

    What should have happened is that the city/township should have put barriers up… The death of anyone especially a child is devestating. If anyone should have to be arrested it should have been the officials that decided to ignore the 3,000.00 signitures that were provided on a petition provided by this Father… Unbelievable.. Again this would never have taken place if someone would have taken this mans plight seriously..

  2. Adolio says:

    speechless what is wrong with the city and the government why are people be penalized for doing the right thing makes me sick

  3. Scott says:

    I wonder if those two are prime examples of that county’s deputy sheriff’s ? Fat and out of shape to the point that they look like they couldn’t run 10 feet. Protect and serve? Hell where’s the shade tree and the jelly donuts?

  4. Carolyn says:

    If this bridge can not be fixed because it belongs to the government.Then he should be able to sue the government for not securing the bridge in the first place.But wait, are not WE THE PEOPLE the boss of our government,and should be able to fire the government employes who have delayed to fix the bridge.If taxes have already been collected to fix the bridge for safety and they are delaying the fix,this man should have been given a thank you at the very least.So I say to you kind sir,I am “Sorry for loss” and Thank you” for wanting to save others of the same fate.”God bless you.”

  5. Lisa says:

    This man should have never been arrest this is sicking!!!! shame on his city God Bless you sir sending Prayers …The city should have fix the Bridge ..at least he was trying to do something right to fix the Bridge…SHAME ON YOU CITY ….

  6. Deac says:

    I can tell the officer that arrested this man didn’t want to arrest him now he should sue the city and or county for the deaths of his daughter and her friend since they were neglectful in not putting up guard rails on the bridge if there were rails there before the accident the kids might be alive today. What a injustice this is.

  7. Brett says:

    The dad did the right thing and Shoukd not be punished.

  8. Joey says:

    I understand the liability that this could place on the county. It seems to me, that “not” already having a safety barrier in place there to start with, should be even more of a liability for the county. If they claim that the barrier that this man is installing is substandard, and a liability, then my question is: How substandard is having no safety barrier at all?

    Also, I do not fault these officers, and will not stoop to insulting them, for following orders. It was obvious to me that these deputies were not happy about what they were doing, and were more than civil with him. They can not refuse to follow an order, and keep their jobs. They performed in a very professional manner, and spoke to onlookers with respect, and not smart remarks. No, I personally do not feel that he should be arrested, or even charged, but the district attorney will ultimately be the one who decides on the path in this matter. If I were the judge, I would be hard pressed to even entertain the notion of allowing something like this to go on my docket. While his method may be questionable, his intentions are very honorable, and in no rational mindset in any way what so ever, criminal.

  9. Kathy says:

    He wasn’t destroying property and doing something they should have done long before totally stupid if you ask me, that’s gov’t bureaucracy!

  10. SniperzRule1 says:

    Another case of ‘over-reaction’ by beaurocrats. I can sympathize with the father. The County should have been out the day after the two teens died to erect the barrier.
    BTW, I see a couple of Deputy’s who need a some ‘weight loss’ training.

  11. Martin says:

    I understand completely where this man is coming from, I also understand where the city is coming from. What if he did something that caused somebody else to get hurt or die? Who would be responsible for it?

  12. Glenda says:

    This Dad should not be punished but he should sue the county or city for the arrest and death of his daughter.

  13. John says:

    Apparently the police in this town are very well fed!

  14. Rick says:

    Ya gotta love the fact that all 3 officers that can be seen here are fat as hell and couldn’t run more than a couple feet if their lives depended on it, let alone yours.

    1. John says:

      Hope they don’t fall off the bridge!

  15. Amy says:

    It is disgusting for this city to do this to this man. Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves for not putting the requested barricades up as soon as the child was killed; then they have the NERVE to arrest this man for doing THEIR jobs they were to sorry and lazy to do. I pray he and the other child’s parents sue the hell out of the city and everyone finds out who those individuals are who embarrassed and humiliated that father. This was added hurt to this man and his family. You know what, KARMA is going to be a B__tch to this city and the individuals who arrested this father….SHAME ON THEM!!! >:(

  16. David says:

    I like the respect the officers showed the father. I believe they were not pleased with what they had to do.

  17. Cheryl says:

    I believe a Lawsuit from both families should be put against the city! I don’t believe the officers were in the wrong, they were doing thier job! Two young lives were taken when they didn’t have to be, and to know even after; the city still hasn’t fixed the issue is sad!! Hopefully this goes viral and the city gets the backlash!

  18. Paul says:

    We have laws in this country and they need to be enforced. With that said why can some laws be enforced and not others — I guess you should ask Obama’s Justice Department the same question.

  19. Michael says:

    If I were the city, I would have been thankful for the temporary Barricade, then keep it there until a permanent solution can be found through their eng. dept. then erected. But, to arrest a grieving father is wrong, I hope that the District Attorney will have a humane bone in his/her body to see that, there was only concern for others, of the possibility that they to could lose their child, if nothing was done, or if it will take time for a fix to be installed. I hope he (the father) is able to walk away with out any repercussion from the county, he was only doing what any grieving father would have done to see that no other family would lose their love one at the same place he lost his. God Bless him.