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Incredible: Duck Dynasty Star Says Network Asked Them Not to Say ‘Jesus’ Because It Might Offend Muslims

Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, said in a recent interview that the A&E network asked the family not to pray “in Jesus’ name” because it “might offend some of the Muslims.”

Robertson told the story of network execs making the request at the series onset to a group of reporters for Sports Spectrum TV.

Via CNS News:

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said that when the Duck Dynasty show began on A&E in 2012, the video editors, based in Los Angeles, would often take out the words “in Jesus’ name” from the family prayer scene because they thought the name “Jesus” might “offend some of the Muslims or something.”

He then recounted, “The other thing was when we prayed, we said, ‘In Jesus’ name. Amen.’ Now, I don’t have any verse that says you must always use or pray in the name of Jesus but it’s a very good idea, I think.  So they were just having me saying, ‘Thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us. Amen.’”

“So I said, why would you cut out ‘In Jesus’ name’?” recalled Robertson.  “They said, ‘Well, those editors are probably doing that and they just think, you know, they don’t want to maybe offend some of the Muslims or something.’”

Robertson’s response was epic:

“I said, let’s see now, what year is it?” he said. “They said, what? I said, what year is it? They said, well, it’s 2012. I said 2012 AD. Anno Domini, the year of Our Lord. I said, you Hollywood cats are counting time by Jesus just like I am. “

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Robertson went on to explain that the desire to eliminate the name of ‘Jesus’ from the series was an example of “spiritual warfare” being waged in the United States.

He added that there is “A lot of depravity, a lot of heathen, a lot of the evil one” that needs to be turned back in America.

What do you think of Phil Robertson’s comments?



Comments on “Incredible: Duck Dynasty Star Says Network Asked Them Not to Say ‘Jesus’ Because It Might Offend Muslims”

  1. Don says:

    It’s awesome watching most liberal atheists just go ballistic at the mere mention of Jesus.