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INCREDIBLE! This Is an INSANE Way to Peel an Egg in 3 Seconds… AND IT WORKS! (Brilliant!)

The incredible edible egg. You probably love boiled eggs, but they are a huge pain to peel. You are often left with much of the white part of the egg in the sink. Or as you’re eating the egg, you’re crunching on bits of shell.

But fear not, egg lovers… Your problems are over!

Watch (below) as a guy on YouTube takes a half-an-inch of water in a glass, and perfectly removed the shell in seconds.

Now, it has more than 7 million views, and it’s only been online for a month! Clearly, there are lots of happy egg eaters.

Not only is this solution “insane,” it is EGG-CELLENT! And I’m not yolking.