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Incredible! Strangers Rescue Trucker Hanging Off Cliff By Forming Human Chain!


Things looked bleak when a truck driver in Pennsylvania lost control on an icy highway, took out half a mile of guardrail, and slid off the road with the cabin of his truck hanging over a cliff.

That is, until nearly a dozen strangers came to the rescue, forming a human chain and safely getting the driver out of harm’s way.


Locked arm and arm with each other, complete strangers saved the life of a driver whose tractor-trailer lost control during the weekend snowstorm and was teetering over the edge of a hillside.

“It was a mess, dangerous. The truck was smoking, couple hundred gallons of diesel fuel, debris everywhere. People didn’t seem to care, they jumped out to help,” said Arlyn Satanek who witnessed the incident.

You can check out the incredible report which shows an image snapped by another trucker below:

The man at the center of that rescue told reporters “It’s nice to know there’s people out there like that.”

It certainly is.

Comment: What do you think of this amazing story of strangers banding together to help save the life of their fellow man?