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Incredibly INSANE New Fundraising Email from Congressional Democrats

If you’re lucky enough to be on the DCCC’s (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) email list, you received quite the gem this morning. I say “if you’re lucky enough” because it’s amusing to see just how low liberals are willing to sink, just how much self-respect they’re willing to sacrifice, in order to get a measly few bucks from their supporters.

What did the email sent to supporters include? This is how unserious Democrats have become about a major national election:


We’re told that the DCCC has instituted quadruple matching for the first time because of a call-to-action from President Obama. Perhaps you were thinking the email got more serious, that there were actual policy proposals mentioned, reasons given why donations are so needed today, on the eve of a major election which could sweep Democrats out of power in the Senate. If you thought that, you are mistaken. This is how the DCCC closed on this super serious email:

Screenshot 2014-11-03 at 9.37.16 AM

You could take this email as just another sign of how low our political discourse has sunk. Or you could, today, the day before what polls indicate will be a wave election for Republicans, just take heart that when put into a corner, this is how liberals react.

H/T on the email to Adam Bitley