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Inmates Stood in a Room Completely Silent… What Happened Next Has Liberals FUMING


The Bradley County Jail in Tennessee did something that is certain to cause leftists to lose sleep. 25 female and 65 males inmates were baptized in an activity room inside the jail.


And this wasn’t the first time this has happened. 28 men were baptized at the jail in 2014. Sheriff Eric Watson said they will always accommodate any inmate who wants to be baptized. As you can see, jail staff actually assisted with the baptisms.


Given that the jail is funded with taxpayer dollars, it’s almost certain that there will be a response regarding the separation of church and state, particularly since staff assisted the reverends. The left’s tolerance seems to be focused on groups other than Christians.


Hopefully these new Christians take their religion to heart and find comfort and guidance on their paths to redemption and new life.

What do you think about this jail accommodating these inmates so they can be baptized? Please comment below.

H/T: Q Political



  1. Allen says:

    God and Jesus is all about unconditional love, what liberal progressive or democrat shows this type of nature?

  2. Rev. Brian says:

    If your intention is to “literally” create Strawmen so that you can create a narrative for your “news” articles then you have succeeded. If you intend on categorizing large swaths of people based on your ideology of Liberals vs. Conservatives then you have succeeded.

    Basically, a large group of inmates felt a superstitious drive to get submerged in water for some form of magical cure (forgiveness) of a magical disease (sin). The real story should be about why the jail psychologists weren’t on hand to offer alternative, reality-based options for improving their lives.

    I find the constant stream of logical fallacies on this site a steady flow of amusement for me.

  3. David says:

    The government has NOT established a religion. It merely accommodated some inmates. If the lefties are upset, pray for them.

  4. Brenda says:

    I think it is fantastic and while I S between God and them, I hope they are sincere!

  5. Ronald says:

    Well, if they can provide prisoners at Guantanamo Bay with Korans, and food that matches their religious beliefs, and US soldiers bring it, and provide the food, then I see nothing wrong with accommodating prisoners to receive religious services in jails within the country. At least they are citizens, mostly.