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This Is The Most Insane Christmas Light Show You’ll Ever See! (WATCH)

Christmas Lights

We’ve seen some pretty incredible lights shows around Christmas time, and we’ve even seen several that have been coordinated to music, but this display by the Johnson family in Texas goes above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

Not only did they come up with an extensive Christmas light display set to ten minutes of dubstep music, and not only did they create one of the most popular holiday shows in Texas, but they’ve done it for a good, charitable cause.

Via Rare:

These clearly incredibly cool parents originally decided to put together a truly impressive light show for their kids. Now Matt and Melissa Johnson have ulterior motives. Instead of just being one of the most popular light shows in Texas the Johnsons are using the light show to raise money for clean water access in Central African Republic by partnering with Living Water International.

Johnson credits his wife Melissa with the idea. “The past several months, all she talks about is clean water and how many kids are dying from a lack of clean water,” he told local news. “She’s already been wanting to do this and we’re just extending it to the light show.”

To keep up with their new ambitions of $10,000 in fundraising, the Johnsons included custom-designed LED pixel snowflakes and wreaths to this year’s display. Included in the light show is a special for their daughter Grace, a mash up of “Let It Go,” and for their son Ethan the song “Everything is Awesome” and for the fun of it “Gangnam Style.”

It is a truly impressive display of light and music skills.

Check out the incredible display below.

Comment:  What do you think about the Johnson’s Christmas light display?  Very cool, or you’d hate to be their neighbors?