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INSPIRING! This Doctor Treats Less Fortunate, Uninsured Before Caring About Himself; Watch This Hero’s Story


When a doctor grew concerned with patients being put on waiting lists because they could not afford treatment, he started his own clinics — and treated people, whether they could pay or not.

Since 2010, Dr. Daniel Ivankovich and his nonprofit have treated more than 100,000 uninsured or underinsured patients in Chicago’s troubled neighborhoods.

“We never turn away a patient,” Dr. Ivankovich told CNN. “The greatest thing we give them is hope.”

Ivankovich says he doesn’t mind the hours. Sacrificing his time is a small price for him to pay to make sure people who may not be able to afford medical care can get the same treatment as people who can — something he believes everyone deserves.

“As much as the desire of health reform was trying to equalize things and level the playing field, it’s never been more segregated,” he said. “It’s like if you’re black and you’re poor, or you’re brown and you’re poor, ‘you get to go here and everyone else come over here.’

“My job, or my focus, is really about people that are uninsured…When a patient walks into any doctor’s office and says ‘hey, I have a Blue Cross PPO’ they’re not going to leave the office that day without getting signed up for something. But if they say ‘I’ve got the Blue Cross Medicaid HMO’ they’re not going to get an appointment,” he said.

Watch the inspiring video below:

He’s a real-life hero and many of us need to hear stories like this especially when the media promotes racism and bad political moves.

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Comments on “INSPIRING! This Doctor Treats Less Fortunate, Uninsured Before Caring About Himself; Watch This Hero’s Story”

  1. Irene says:

    This man is a God send and is what we need here in AMERICA today.