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Internet Raises $19,000 In 2 Days To Buy Dentures For Teen Who Beat Cancer (Twice!)

Here is a heart-warming story about a brave 16-year-old cancer survivor from Delano, California with no teeth who is hoping the kindness of strangers will help win his fight to get new dentures.

Having fought off cancer twice, Alex Hunter has managed to keep a smile planted on his face. But it was the kindness of strangers that would allow his grin to look like any other teen’s.

The cancer of his thyroid gland required that his teeth be removed. Sadly, insurance had paid to have his dead teeth removed, but wouldn’t cover the new ones. So the family turned to the internet, and raised the money with an online fundraiser. And they have raised MORE than the $11,000 required to replace his teeth.

Sometimes, people on the internet can be so kind and wonderful.

h/t: NY Daily News