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Iowa Legislature Stands Up For The 2nd Amendment!

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While many on the left want to destroy guns rights, some state legislators are putting protections in place to ensure the strength of our 2nd Amendment endures.

Iowa is the latest state to take a stand!

via Guns.com

It was Second Amendment Day in the Iowa State House as lawmakers passed five pro-gun bills including one that would make the state the 42nd to legalize suppressors.

The suppressor bill started life as HF 2043 introduced by Speaker Pro Tem Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley, who in both 2014 and 2015 tried to move similar legislation through to allow state residents to legally possess firearm suppressors so long as they are properly registered with the federal government.

Withdrawn, the measure became HF 2279 which Rep. Terry Baxter, R-Garner, managed on the floor to an easy 74-24 win.

“I call it the ‘Hearing Protection Bill.’ Suppressors do four important things to protect hearing,” Baxter told Guns.com, outlining the reasons he, as an avid sportsman and hunter, backed the legislation. “First, they eliminate the muzzle blast that damages hearing. Second, they reduce the overall sound by 20-35 percent. Third, they direct much of the remaining sound down range. Finally, they cut the ‘echo factor’ making it easier to pinpoint other shooters in the field. This is why 41 states have legalized suppressors.”

Great news for Hawkeyes! Way to go, Iowa!

Now Watch This. Iowa also passed legislation on teaching the importance of firearm safety to children!

Are you glad states are standing up for the 2nd Amendment?