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Iowa Voter Has HILARIOUS Answer To Question About Hillary (Classic!)


As Hillary Clinton prepares to drum up support with a tour of Iowa, voters in the Hawkeye State aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet.

In what had to be an overall painful segment for liberal Hillary supporters to watch, an Iowa voter told an MSNBC reporter that he wouldn’t even let the Democrat candidate ride in his car, no matter how badly she needed a lift.

The reporter asked if the voter would consider letting Hillary into his fancy car.

“What if Hillary really wanted a ride?” the reporter asked.

The voter calmly responded, “She would have to walk behind us.”

War on women!  War on women!

Turns out the Iowan in question is a Bernie Sanders supporter.  Being a liberal might explain the lack of willingness to let Hillary hitch a ride – Except for the fact that the same voter said he’d definitely let Republicans Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina into his car.


Via the Free Beacon:

In a segment on MSNBC Tuesday, Iowa voters told correspondent Jacob Soboroff that they would not give Hillary Clinton a ride in their car, even if she “really wanted a ride.”

“Would you let any presidential candidates take a ride in this car?” Soboroff asked a pair of Iowans riding in an antique red convertible.“Probably Ben Carson,” one of them said. The pair said they were welcome to giving other GOP candidates a ride, too.

“Would you let Carly Fiorina in this car?” Soboroff asked.

“Sure,” he said.

They were not as inclined to let Clinton in their car.

“What if Hillary really wanted a ride?” Soboroff asked.

“She would have to walk behind us,” the Iowan said.

Check out the segment below…

Seems like Hillary will be relegated to driving the Scooby van for the time being, at least in Iowa.

Comment:  Would YOU let Hillary in your car if she really needed a ride?  What if it was raining and she didn’t have an umbrella?  What if she were being chased by a bear?

Would you let Ben Carson in your car?  If so, click here to learn more about Dr. Carson.

Would you let Fiorina in your car?  If so, click here to learn more about Carly Fiorina.


Comments on “Iowa Voter Has HILARIOUS Answer To Question About Hillary (Classic!)”

  1. Bill says:

    If she was starving or dying of thirst, so be it! This evil, corrupt skank deserves only two things, Prison or made into worm food.