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Breaking News: Iran Fires Second Round Of Missile Tests!


After it was reported that Iran had launched two test missiles in violation of the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, we have now learned that both missiles were marked with the message “Israel must be wiped out.”

The threat was written in Hebrew, and the message was designed to show Iran’s strength towards the rest of the world.

From Yahoo News:

The new missile firings — the latest in a series of tests in recent days — appeared aimed at demonstrating Iran will push ahead with its ballistic program after scaling backing its nuclear program under the deal reached last year with the U.S. and other world powers.

Hard-liners in Iran’s military have fired rockets and missiles despite U.S. objections since the deal, as well as shown underground missile bases on state television.

There was no immediate reaction from Jerusalem, where Biden was meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who strongly opposed the nuclear deal.

Biden, speaking next to Netanyahu, did not acknowledge the missile launch directly but he issued a strong warning to the Iranians.

“A nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, to the region and the United States. And I want to reiterate which I know people still doubt here. If in fact they break the deal, we will act,” he said.

The semiofficial Fars news agency offered pictures Wednesday it said were of the Qadr H missiles being fired. It said they were fired in Iran’s eastern Alborz mountain range to hit a target some 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) away off Iran’s coast into the Sea of Oman. The U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, which patrols that region, declined to comment on the test.

Fars and state media reported the Hebrew inscription on the missiles. Similar phrases have been emblazoned on Iranian missiles before.

Soldiers often write slogans or messages on rockets and missiles. During Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants, Israeli children were photographed writing messages on artillery shells in a community near the border. More recently, pictures emerged online of U.S. missiles bound for Islamic State group targets that had “From Paris with love” written on them, referring to last year’s attacks.

Fars quoted Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace division, as saying the test was aimed at showing Israel that Iran could hit it.

“The 2,000-kilometer (1,240-mile) range of our missiles is to confront the Zionist regime,” Hajizadeh said. “Israel is surrounded by Islamic countries and it will not last long in a war. It will collapse even before being hit by these missiles.”

In addition, for the second day in a row, Iran engaged in a second round of missile tests:

From Breaking 911:

Iran tested two ballistic missiles on Wednesday as part of a military maneuver for the second day in a row, hours after the United States said it would investigate whether such tests violate United Nations Security Council resolutions.

The two test-fired missiles successfully struck targets 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) away, the state-run Tasnim news agency reported, citing its reporter on the ground. Iran also tested ballistic missiles fired from silo-based launchers in various locations nationwide on Tuesday, according to Press TV.

“After the nuclear deal, enemies are targeting the security of Iran,” Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division, was quoted as saying Wednesday in a Fars news agency report.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday that if the Iranian test is found to violate United Nations Security Council resolutions, then the U.S. will raise the matter in the council. Firing of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons would be a violation.

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