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After Many Years, a Glimmer of Hope for Iraq’s Christians

iraqi christians

For centuries, Christians in the Middle East have been persecuted by radical Muslims bent on destroying their way of life. Well, finally Christians in Iraq just received a glimmer of hope after being oppressed by ISIS.

CNN is reporting that Iraqi-led forces have just clashed with ISIS in an effort to free Christians from a town near Mosul, which has been controlled by the terror group:

On the road to Mosul, Iraqi-led forces have besieged a Christian town in an attempt to liberate it from ISIS control, but they are facing fierce resistance and exchanging heavy gunfire with militants, a paramilitary general told CNN.

Iraqi security forces, Peshmerga fighters and a Christian paramilitary group have forced ISIS fighters into the center of Qaraqosh, where airstrikes are pounding the militants, in apparent coalition support of the assault, Gen. Amr Shamoun from the Christian militia group said.

It’s the latest clash with ISIS militants in the coalition’s aggressive push toward Mosul aimed at unshackling the strategic city from the terror group’s brutal control.

Christians are a religious minority in the Middle East and it is a positive development that Iraqi forces have made an effort to protect them from ISIS.


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