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Irate Woman Says She’s Going to “Sue this Country” Over Incident on Plane

Let’s admit it, when flying our travel experience often depends on the courtesy (or lack thereof) of the passengers sitting next to us.

During a flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago, an unidentified woman and her purse-sized companion began to terrorize the flight crew well before the aircraft was able to take off. After the flight crew had asked the woman to secure the canine who was allegedly snarling and snapping at the staff, she became enraged causing a delay.

The incident was captured on camera by another passenger and posted on Youtube by user MrAdownie. The video begins with text explaining that the woman’s dog had been snapping at the crew, and as a result, she was asked to put the pet back in its carrier.

She refused, called the flight attendant a name, and the plane returned to the gate instead of taking off. That’s when things escalated.

Police were waiting at the gate when the airplane arrived, and when an officer boarded the plane, the dog owner got defensive.

At one point, she can be heard shouting, “if you take my dog, I’m going to sue this country.”

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H/T – MrAdownie



  1. Joe says:

    Being ex LE, I just gotta love this one. Uppity old bitch, how many times I wanted to swat one just like you….My working Bro’s get great big ATTA BOYS today!!!!

  2. Doug says:

    Bad woman, Bad Woman, What you gona Do when the Cops come for you.The nicest thing I, can say about this woman is lock her ass up and throw away the key. even the dog will be happy.

  3. Rick says:

    shoot that ignorant ho and drop her on the tarmac