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Irony: THIS Is What An Anti-Islamaphobia Activist Was Arrested For


Well, here’s some irony if there ever was any.

No-fly lists have been criticized by leftists for containing a disproportionate amount of Muslims on them. The thought process liberals have is that this is a result of discrimination (or as they call it, “Islamaphobia”), while a thinking person may realize it has more to do with the religion – Islam – of people who tend to commit acts of terrorism on flights.

Back in 2013, a Muslim man named Saadiq Long made headlines as a man unfairly targeted by no-fly lists. And there was good reason for people to be sympathetic to his story: he was a U.S. Veteran in Qatar who couldn’t return to his home state of Oklahoma due to the list. After much media attention, specifically from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Mother Jones, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), he was finally removed from the no-fly list, but remained under FBI surveillance.

Two years in the future, it now turns out that maybe keeping him on that no-fly list was probably a good idea.

As the Free Beacon reported:

He has now resurfaced two years later after U.S. and Turkish officials reportedly confirmed to PJ Media that Long and eight others were arrested by the Turkish-Syrian border for being members of an Islamic State cell.

This is why it’s important to put facts before feelings.