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SCARY: Is Anti-Semitism Coming to the U.S.? Worrying News Could Indicate Yes

As Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish year came to a close this weekend, members of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) came home to a shocking and disturbing discovery: spray painted swastikas across the entrance of their home. The university and campus police are investigating. The Emory Wheel reported,

In a Facebook post, College junior Katie Fishbein wrote that seeing the image of swastikas on the AEPi house was terrifying and not in line with the openness and tolerance she experienced on Emory’s campus.

“In my heart of hearts, I know that most Emory students stand for peace and acceptance,” Fishbein wrote. “Make it your personal duty to ensure that ALL students can feel welcomed and loved at Emory.”

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This incident comes in a string of other, disturbing cases of anti-Semitic attacks and crimes across the United States, which seem to have spiked since the summer, when global anti-Semitism saw a rise with the war between Hamas and Israel.

There have been troubling stories of synagogues firebombed in Kiev, dangerous protests in Paris, and now, unfortunately, this phenomenon has come to our shores. Other troubling stories from the United States recently include:

  • A Brooklyn rabbi was murdered in Miami while walking to synagogue on the Sabbath
  • Swastikas have been spray painted across Miami several times. Once in September, and once in July
  • “A man fired a BB gun and shouted “Jews, Jews, Jews” at three Jewish teens leaving a synagogue in Baltimore.”
  • A swastika was spray painted on a synagogue over Yom Kippur
  • Anti-Semitic flyers with swastikas were distributed in Williamsburg, a Jewish enclave in Brooklyn


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  1. Ellen says:

    We are losing control the evil ones are gradually making head way.