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Shocking Claim: Was Google Caught Censoring Trump?

Donald Trump

We know the media is no friend to Donald Trump.

But, according to these Trump supporters, it may go beyond that.

What Google is accused of here is very serious.

This is what Breitbart has to say about it:

Some Gmail users have reported seeing their subscribed Trump campaign emails end up in their spam box, resulting in people missing fundraising calls and campaign information.
“I found Emails from both Trump, and his son in Spam,” claimed one Trump supporter in an email to the conservative Gateway Pundit blog. “As a supporter, subscribed, donated, bought retail from Trump… so certain I am on all lists for contacting. I have received oodles of Email, until this month (June).”

If this is true, it is outrageous. Is Google making it hard for conservatives to get their message across?

I don’t know for sure, but this is certainly suspicious. I personally don’t think Google would do something like this, but it certainly raises a ton of questions that possibly need to be answered.

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