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Is the Pentagon Really Broke, or Just Wasting Money?



Congressional Republicans and 2016 Presidential candidates love to remind us that the so-called “sequester” spending deal is gutting the military and leaving us vulnerable to foreign terrorists.

This is certainly a legitimate position. But is the solution really to just throw more money at the problem? This week, we’ve found out that the Defense Department is paying NFL teams to host patriotic displays of the military and veterans during games—well over $5 million in fact.

Does this even make sense? After all, Americans overwhelmingly support the military. In fact, it’s the most trusted (the only trusted!) government institution in America. There’s no shortage of love for our military heroes in any NFL stadium. So why is the Pentagon blowing through taxpayer money for this? It’s not like the NFL needs the subsidy. Pro-football is expected to earn $1 billion more this year than last year!

But that’s not the only thing. Military officials and civilian Pentagon employees were just busted for using government credits cards on hookers and gambling.

All good red-blooded American patriots support our military wholeheartedly and want to make sure our men and women in uniform have everything they need to stay safe while they keep us safe. But is throwing good money after bad the real answer?

Or does the Pentagon need more accountability for wasteful spending? Conservatives rightly point out that endlessly increasing spending at the Department of Education won’t lead to better results. Should we apply that same logic to the Pentagon?

What do you think? Should DoD spend your tax dollars on NFL promotions? Do they need more accountability?


Comments on “Is the Pentagon Really Broke, or Just Wasting Money?”

  1. Adrian says:

    Looks like the Generals have been over-dipping.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.