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Is This Star Hollywood’s Newest Transgender Icon?!?!


Several months ago, rumors began to swirl that Richard Simmons had been kidnapped by his maid and was being held hostage inside his own home.

While Simmons himself denied such reports, new rumors have emerged suggesting that the Hollywood star is in fact transitioning to a woman, despite his rep Tony Estay denying the report.

According to the National Enquirer tabloid, Simmons is making the transition to a woman, who he calls Fiona.

However, a story in US Weekly pushes back on the rumors:

Don’t believe everything you read! Richard Simmons’ rep, Tom Estey, is slamming reports that the fitness guru is transitioning into a woman.

“It’s not true,” Estey tells Us Weekly of the National Enquirer’s recent explosive story that 67-year-old Simmons has been keeping a big secret under wraps. “He is not transitioning into a woman. He has decided to live quietly the last few years.”

Estey added that Simmons had knee surgery a few years ago, but is “still on Twitter and Facebook and works behind the scenes continuing to inspire and motivate people to lose weight. When he decides to come back, he will come back.”

In a recent cover story, the National Enquirer alleges that Simmons has adopted the name Fiona and has plans for breast implant surgery and hormone therapy.

On Friday, June 3, the Sweatin’ to the Oldies star was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after he was reportedly exhibiting “bizarre” behavior.

He was released several days later, on Sunday, June 5, and issued a statement to Us Weekly to assure fans that he’s feeling just fine.

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out with love and concern after hearing I was in the hospital,” Simmons said in the statement. “I was dehydrated and needed some fluids and now I am feeling great! Summer is here — drink plenty of liquids. Big hugs and kisses for caring.”

Earlier this year, Simmons made headlines after an in-depth report by the New York Daily Newsclaimed that many of his close friends were concerned that he was being held hostage by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, at his Hollywood Hills home.

Do you think there is any truth behind this latest Simmons story or is this just another silly rumor? Share your thoughts with us below!