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Teen Tries To Join ISIS But Didn’t Expect This To Happen When She Tried To Return Home!

ISIS British

A young British girl left the UK earlier this year to join ISIS. When she learned it wasn’t for her she wanted to return home. Unfortunately, it was too late and she was killed in an airstrike this week.

People may find this to be good news, but I don’t. It’s very sad. She made a mistake, and it’s too late to go back for her. She had her whole life ahead of her and was brainwashed to think that there was something better.

From Daily Mail:

A British schoolgirl who fled the UK to join ISIS in Syria has been killed by an airstrike in Raqqa.

Kadiza Sultana, 17, is thought to have died earlier this year at her home in the terror state’s stronghold city was hit by a bomb believed to have been dropped by a Russian plane.

The teenager had quickly become disillusioned with Isis and told her family last summer that she wanted to return home.

Tonight ITV News revealed that Kadiza, who was one of three Bethnal Green schoolgirls who left their homes to join so-called Islamic State, is dead.

Her sister Halima Khanom said: ‘We were expecting this, in a way. But at least we know she is in a better place.’

The schoolgirl had been living in Syria after leaving her home in East London during the Easter 2015 school holidays to join Islamic State.

She traveled with friends Amira Base and Shamima Begum, who were both just 15 when they fled and are believed to be still in Raqqa. All three had attended Bethnal Green Academy in Tower Hamlets.

It is believed that all three wed fellow foreigners who were fighting for the Islamic State. Khadiza’s husband was an American national of Somali origin who died late last year.

The trio shocked the nation after leaving their A-Level courses and their families to marry ISIS fighters in Syria.

Following Kadiza’s death it has emerged, she had become disillusioned with life in Syria and was planning to flee the ISIS-stronghold to return to Britain.

What should be told is why she hated ISIS! What were her final thoughts? Was ISIS glorious? Was it that awful? The idea seemed great but it was different from the reality, and that is what kids should be told, so they don’t run off to join terrorist organizations. They all promise paradise but are oppressive regimes that are terrible to live under.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to “try out” terrorism and murder. Let this be a lesson to all you others who think you’ll be infamous for helping them. You’ll either end up in PRISON or the CEMETERY! Now, which one will you choose or have some common sense and stay in school!

What do you think of this tragic story? If think she got what she deserved who was just a casualty of misinformation? Share your voices in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about this story.



  1. Barry says:

    actions have consequences. Not shedding a tear for a stupid fool that wanted to join in those that wage war against the rest of the world.

    1. Ron says:

      She decided she DIDN’T want to wage war against the rest of the world. Wow. You must be one of those “forgiving christians” I’m always hearing about.