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To decimate an army literally means reducing its size by one/tenth. In the case of the fight against ISIS, they’ve been decimated – and then some.

They picked a bold strategy. Randomly attack a handful of nations – then face the blow-back. And face the blow-back they have. There are now nearly 60 countries at war with ISIS… and that hasn’t played out well for them. On the high end, their estimated membership was around 100,000-200,000 in 2014. And now?

At least 50,000 militants from so-called Islamic State have been killed since the US-led coalition started fighting in Iraq and Syria two years ago, a US military official has said.

The senior official described the figure as a “conservative estimate”.

The figure showed air power and a small number of US figures supporting local forces were having an impact, the official said.

The US has, however, repeatedly warned that IS can replace fighters rapidly.

The official on Thursday said that coalition air strikes could be intensified in places like Mosul, which Iraqi troops are now battling to recapture, but that had to be offset against the risk of civilian casualties.

Of course, we don’t know how much success they’ve had from recruitment, but these figures can’t be promising for anyone thinking of fighting for the group overseas.

It’s about time we got GOOD news in the fight against ISIS – and it’ll only get better with Donald Trump in the White House. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter!