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ISIS Has Nothing To Do With Islam Says Democrat Congressman

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) wants you to believe what the administration would like you to believe when it comes to the terrorist group ISIS – that they have nothing to do with the religion of peace, Islam.

At the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday, Thompson said that extremism takes on many forms, and to pinpoint a particular culture or religion is simply not accurate.

He was speaking specifically about the threat of ISIS on our homeland.

Via CNS News:

“Last month’s arrest of Don Morgan illustrates my long-standing view that we must reject specific ethnic or religious profiles of “would-be terrorists,” Thompson, ranking member on the committee, said.

“Violent extremism has no race, ethnicity, religion or culture, and there is no single profile or pathway for individuals who come to embrace violent extremism,” Thompson said.

In other words, as the President claimed – “ISIL is not Islamic.” Or as Secretary of State John Kerry said, the ideology of ISIS has “nothing to do with Islam.” Or as the State Department has declared, ISIS doesn’t “represent any religion.”

The administration and Democrats aren’t just re-writing history, they’re proactively re-writing reality.

Watch Thompson below…

Making this quote all the more impressive is Thompson’s citing of ‘Don Morgan’ as an example that extremism knows no religious bounds.

Don Morgan is actually Donald Ray Morgan – a practicing Muslim who converted in 2008. He is also known as Abu Omar al-Amreeki for his online rants denouncing Israel and supporting ISIS. Morgan pledged his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and tried for nearly a year to enter Syria and join the group. Upon his arrest at JFK airport, Morgan referred to himself as a mujahedeen, or jihad fighter.

Trust Thompson and the Democrats though, violent extremism has no link to any religion. No matter how many times it actually does.



  1. Blane says:

    Go see the wizard in OZ and maybe he can help you with a BRAIN!!!

  2. Mark says:

    he needs a pink slip on election day and needs to learn what he is talking about ISIS is all about Muslim nothing less get an eductation and learn what they really stand for or go to Syria where your head will be separated from your shoulders they are mass murders and believe in genocide you do not know of what you speak get an education

  3. This guy must be in total denial as to what & who these people are. EVERYBODY belongs to a race & religion, even if your an atheist.
    Seeing where he comes from & represents the people of that area, no wonder he sounds so dumb.

  4. Meredith says:

    If you do not recognize evil as evil I have to ask, ” what side of evil do you stand on?”

  5. Milton says:

    The idiocy of the voters of Mississippi to elect a traitor to America just because he is black. Well get this – when Islam takes over this black Islamic fool will raped your wife, eat you babies and behead your husband after sexing them. SUCH A NICE AY TO HAVE AS A REPRESENTATIVE.