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ISIS Just Threatened America… And Here’s What A Medal Of Honor Recipient Has To Say About It


Dakota Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic actions in the war in Afghanistan, has some strong words for ISIS if they try to pull off attacks on American soil.

Quoting George Orwell, Meyer said that he and his Marine buddies are the “rough men willing to do violence” so that others may sleep peacefully.

“If ISIS shows up here,” Meyer explained, “we will crush them.”

Meyer went on to rip Democrats who are unable to label our current enemies in the War on Terror as radical Islamists.

“There is no political correctness in war,” Meyer said.  “War is ugly.”

Watch Meyer tell ISIS that he and the American military are ready to crush them …

Via Fox News Insider:

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer said he and his friends are willing to get rough with ISIS after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

“I think George Orwell said it best. He said, ‘Good people sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand willing to do violence on their behalf.’ And I’m telling you, I’m one of those rough men.

I spoke to many of my buddies, who are those rough men, and we’re willing to do it. And if ISIS shows up here, we will crush them.”

Meyer summed it up with this succinct statement – “We have to do something.”

Is the President doing enough? Is he even doing ‘something’ at all?

Comment: Do you have more faith in Democrats doing anything to stop ISIS, or American heroes like Dakota Meyer?  Why?