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ISIS Member Teaching A Beheading Class Didn’t Expect THIS!


It’s hard to not take pleasure in ISIS getting a taste of their own medicine.

One of their grotesque practices is carrying out beheadings – which they often record and release to the world as propaganda. When one ISIS leader was in the process of teaching other members how to perform a beheading, he wasn’t expected for justice to come his way instantly:

In a stroke of irony, a sniper from the elite British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) took the head off an Islamic State leader who was teaching recruits how to behead prisoners.

The terrorist was probably not expecting to become his students’ example, but the sniper armed with a large-caliber rifle made him one after landing a head shot from over 3,000 feet away. The man was reportedly teaching 20 recruits when he quite literally lost his head.

“One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in. We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet,” said a military official who witnessed the event.

H/T The Daily Caller 

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Comments on “ISIS Member Teaching A Beheading Class Didn’t Expect THIS!”

  1. Barbara says:

    THANK YOU SIR! RIP all my over 1,000 military vets since the Amer. Rev. War. RIP Daddy, Semper fi, Korea, L.Cpl. Expert Rifleman.