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Hey Obama! If We’re Beating ISIS, How Did They Just Do THIS?


How can a JV Team that is contained continue to inflict harm in all parts of the world and secure US weapons? This has to be the biggest problem ever, and it seems our government can’t tell the American voter the truth about the situation with the terrorist group called ISIS! Oh yeah, I just remembered who made the containment claims, he’s probably on vacation.

It’s hard for me to believe ISIS captured U.S. weapons. I am pretty sure they captured the weapons once they found the spot the U.S. dropped them at. Obama probably gave them a map to find the weapons, like the guns being run out of Benghazi. Yes, I am sarcastic, but that’s right now.


From Yahoo News:

Militants linked to Islamic State have released photos that purport to show weapons and equipment that belonged to American soldiers and were captured by the group in eastern Afghanistan.

The photos, which came to light on Saturday, show an American portable rocket launcher, radio, grenades and other gear not commonly used by Afghan troops, as well as close up views of identification cards for a U.S. Army soldier, Specialist Ryan Larson.

The U.S. military command in Kabul denied any suggestion the soldier had been captured, saying he “has been accounted for and remains in a duty status within his unit.”

American special operations troops have been fighting alongside Afghan forces in a renewed offensive against militants who claim allegiance to Islamic State in Nangarhar Province, which borders Pakistan.

“SPC Larson was attached to a unit conducting a partnered (operation) with Afghan Forces,” U.S. military spokesman Commander Ron Flesvig said in an emailed statement on Sunday. “The soldier’s I.D. and some of the equipment were left behind after the (operation). The loss of personal identification is unfortunate.”

In July, U.S. commanders said at least five special forces were injured in fighting in the province.

The website that published the photos speculated that the equipment and weapons were left behind during that engagement, but Flesvig said American officials are still trying to determine exactly when and how it was lost.

What’s amazing to me is how a group said to be a bunch of amateurs by our president can continue to steal from the U.S. government. Somehow they seem to make it easy, and they continue to make us look like the amateurs.

We the people better care, and pay considerable attention to what is happening! The Trump train has left the station and picking up steam so look out! America never asked for a fundamental transformation, and hopefully, the next leader changes it back.

What do you think of these claims ISIS captured U.S. weapons? Do you think our forces are that bad, it could happen? Share your voices below and let us know what you think. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.