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BREAKING NEWS: ISIS Releases Latest Target List Against…


ISIS is getting uppity these days but putting out a list of U.S. soldiers they want to kill is not the best way to be taken seriously. This is a big mistake; our soldiers are more than capable of fighting back and putting ISIS barbarians in their grave. It won’t be the same as killing women, kids, and 80-year-old priests.

If they want to call the dogs of war, be prepared to face hell if called upon.



From Washington Times:

The Islamic State group is targeting the U.S. Army, putting out a hit list of 700 soldiers — by name — and ordering its terrorist militia to “kill the dogs.”

United Cyber Caliphate, the Islamic State’s 3-month-old computer network hacking consortium, has posted a number of such lists. Analysts say most names appear to be publicly available and randomly chosen rather than stolen from a UCC website hack.

But a Pentagon official told The Washington Times that analysts have not found an open source for the Army“kill list” in the July 25 posting by the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, ISIS and Daesh.

One or more government sites might have been hacked, the Pentagon source said.

The Islamic State’s list begins with the headline, “We want them #dead. #Revenge for Muslims. kill the dogs.”

The Times reviewed the list. The soldiers are stationed at a number of bases, including Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; and Fort Belvoir, Virginia, about 21 miles south of Washington. The list includes the soldiers’ names, addresses, phone numbers and official email addresses.

My question is what hack gave them the names? Who’s unprotected server let them in to get the names? No rules of engagement in the USA, and we don’t take prisoners.

Do you think ISIS is serious? Do you think ISIS knows what they are begging for as our military will have open access to destroying them like they have wanted for the last few years if not for Barack Obama? Leave your voices below in our comment section.