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Obama is Losing to ISIS, and These Christian Girls are Paying the Price

isis yazidi

After learning about this story and these nine-year-olds raped by ISIS members, Donald Trump knows how to defeat the terrorist group. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t structurally sound to take care of the hard issues. They allowed ISIS to form thinking empathy would take them down.

Both Obama/Clinton don’t even want Christians to pray in school or ball games so you know they have no valid way of fighting these mass-murdering criminals.

These radicals commit genocide every day against the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq. These nine-year-olds are sold into slavery, raped and beaten by ISIS fighters but Obama and Hillary want Americans to worry about some 11-year-old back of the bus audio tape by Trump.

The rape of the Yazidi women and genocide of Christians in the Middle East is all on U.S. failed policy. Obama let ISIS grow while fomenting the civil war in Syria and toppling Ghadafi leaving a giant smoking hole where terrorism is born.

isis yazidi

From CNS News:

As the U.N. Human Rights Council has reported, “While held by ISIS fighters, Yazidi women and girls over the age of nine are subjected to brutal sexual violence. Most of those interviewed reported violent daily rapes by their fighter-owners. Some were handcuffed behind their backs during the rapes while others had their hands and legs tied to the corners of the beds.”

“Little, if anything, protects against rape,” said the U.N. “Girls as young as nine were raped, as were pregnant women.”

In the report, there is a section entitled “ISIS treatment of Yazidi women and girls aged 9 and above.” This article details what happened to Yazidi women on the first day of the attacks (Aug. 3, 2014) and what subsequently occurred as the women were transferred to various holding sites in Iraq and Syria and sold as slaves. Listed below are some of the facts and statements concerning the fate of those women and girls.

  • Fighters separated married females from unmarried females. Only girls aged eight years and under were allowed to remain with their mothers.
  • Mass killing. In the early hours of 16 August 2014, ISIS executed older women (who were approximately 60 years and older) from Kocho at the Solagh Technical Institute.
  • Holding sites. Interviewees reported being given food with insects in it and having to drink water out of the toilets. Many, particularly infants and young children, became very sick. No medical care was provided.
  • ISIS brought in a female gynecologist in an effort to identify single females who had falsely declared themselves to be married.

But Hillary says to win this war against ISIS we must show them love and compassion. Pay very close attention to who you put in the White House folks! Voting alone is not enough with this election. People must learn the issues AND reach as many people as possible with real truth!

Why isn’t the world interceding on their behalf? This is abominable; these women need to be rescued and helped. Where is our government when this kind of human rights, women’s rights are being ignored?

Do you agree Trump would be a lot better with his team of solving ISIS than Obama has been and Hillary ever would be? Share your comments below and let us know what you think about this tragedy.

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