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Islamist Terrorists Hold Hostages; World Responds By Supporting Muslims

We live in confusing times. As the United States went to sleep, we listened to news about a hostage crisis taking place in a cafe in the middle of the business district of Sydney. Immediately it became clear the terrorists holding hostages had some kind of connection to Islamist terror, as they held up a sign in Arabic, potentially connected to the ISIS terror group in the Middle East responsible for beheadings.


When those of us on the East Coast woke up, hashtags were trending on Twitter about the hostage crisis, but inexplicably not in support of its victims. The Twitter hashtag #illridewithyou that was trending worldwide and in Sydney was created to express support for the city’s Muslim community, offering to share rides to work to build a bridge between communities. There have been no known threats since this hostage situation unfolded against the Muslim community in Sydney, yet #illridewithyou has caught fire.

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Whenever, God willing, these hostages are released or freed, they will come to learn that at their darkest hour, the world was rallying behind a group of people who were not being threatened with death.

How would you feel about #IllRideWithYou if you were a hostage in Sydney?


Comments on “Islamist Terrorists Hold Hostages; World Responds By Supporting Muslims”

  1. Matt says:

    Anyone who uses or supports that stupid hashtag deserves to get befriended and then beheaded by who they think is their new friend.