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It’s On! America Just Challenged Japan to a MAJOR Fight! Who’s Your Money On?


Imagine you’ve just bought yourself a new car. What’s the first thing you want to do? Take it for a spin, right?

Now, imagine your car weighed 12,000 lbs. And has robot arms that fire murderous weapons like firecrackers. Wouldn’t you want to take that puppy out and destroy stuff like some monster from a Terminator flick?

Then welcome to the world of MegaBots. This American startup manufactures giant robots – because I guess they’re assuming the market for massive killers will boom when the dollar finally collapses.

Having just put the final coat of paint on their latest Mark II design, these plucky Americans have challenged their competitors – Suidobashi of Japan, and their giant robot, Kuratas – to a smack-down, drag-out battle:

Yeah, decked out in red, white, and blue, the guys at MegaBots just picked a fight with a 4-meter tall sci-fi killer.

Well, Japan took the holiday weekend to think it over and responded this morning. Yes, they accept the challenge. With just one tiny condition:

Kuratas will only fight hand-to-hand. So grab your popcorn folks, because this bout is just a taste of what the world will look like when America ends up like Greece.

What do you think of this fight? Let us know below.

H/T: London Telegraph