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Ivanka Just Destroyed Her Father’s Critics With These Two Words!

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the GOP nominee Donald Trump, blasted the campaign’s critics in a beautiful way. The GOP leaders have been publicly stating they would not be voting for Trump in the General Election thus trying to sabotage his chances of beating Hillary Clinton in November.

Most of us with a brain know the media and the Washington elites are scared to death of Trump, he’s who we need in the White House. He’s going to shake things up, and that’s what we need. Both parties are corrupt although the current Democrat Party has taken corruption to new levels. They are terrified of an outsider — but that is precisely why we need one.

From Newsmax:

Ivanka Trump said Monday her father is “level-headed” and defended his campaign tactics, while at the same time taking a shot at his critics.

“He’s incredibly level-headed. I think that he fights and he’s strong. He’s has to fight. He has a lot of people coming at him,” Ivanka Trump told the Detroit Free Press.  “He also has tremendous support and love and enthusiasm for his positions.”

Trump said her father was the last man standing in a field of 17 Republican candidates for president, so “it’s not my place to tell him to change his campaigning style.”

Regarding her father’s critics, Trump said, “they’re scared. They never thought that he’d be where he is.

“I think there will be many people who will seek to diminish him.”

Donald Trump has come under fire in recent weeks from several fronts, and some polls now show he has lost ground to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Of course, Mr. Trump’s critics are afraid of him. He represents their worst nightmare: a man who cannot be bought, a man who is running for the Presidency not because it’s a career goal but an opportunity to help the country get back on its feet economically, internationally, mentally and socially.

He represents the end of political correctness, the end of the torrential numbers of illegals sneaking into the country, the end of crooked lobbyists buying politicians, the end of the government monopoly on education and hopefully, the beginning of term limits for ALL political positions, elected and appointed…including the Supreme Court.

They are afraid of Mr. Trump because he will return control of government to the people rather than the lawyers and bankers who have used it to enrich themselves and couldn’t care less about you or me.

Donald Trump is the professional politician’s worst nightmare, and I cannot wait for his Presidency.

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