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Ivanka Standing With Her Father is Why She’s a Great Role Model for Young Women

ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump is a staunch defender of her father, and when she speaks on his behalf, everyone listens. She has been on the front lines watching the media rip her dad day to day, and I know it has to be something that eats at her every minute.

The American people need to realize that GOP nominee Donald Trump is our last hope against the liberal agenda which has been growing with the last two Democrat presidents. Yes George W. Bush was inserted in between both, but he didn’t stop the growth of liberalism, and I am being honest.

Trump is the only person who is capable of saving America, and the western world as a whole from falling into the depths of despair due to a globalist agenda and a crippling political correctness era.

The only way to beat the rigged election is massive numbers of us to vote. A major landslide is what is needed for real change to occur.

The media thinks we are all stupid. Clinton does not have an 11 point lead. This has all just been exposed but we knew it. The one-sided reporting against Mr. Trump is absurdly un-American.

I think one of the things that rips me to the core is Obama and Michelle defending her. It’s disgusting. Hillary doesn’t have allies she has pawns. Obama’s decision to defend her exposes his involvement in helping to cover up her crimes.

Hillary has one mission in life, herself and her self-righteous greed no matter whose blood is shed to get it. Her destruction and criminal acts should have her nominated for one and one thing only… PRISON.

This is our only opportunity as the people of this great nation to stop the madness in Washington. We have a man who has stepped up to lead us out of this mess who is self-made and beholden to know one but the people. Vote Donald Trump November 8 and together we can Make America Great Again.

Let me be honest again, Trump may not fix everything but he knows the corruption that is existing in the politics today and if we get Clinton in office it will just get worse and the law will not be enforced!

H/T – Facebook/Yahoo News

Do you agree with Ivanka the media hasn’t been fair to her father? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

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Comments on “Ivanka Standing With Her Father is Why She’s a Great Role Model for Young Women”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Now this is a woman I would be proud to elect as president of the United States,
    Maybe, someday.