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After Watching This Interview, Should Jake Tapper Continue To Interview Candidates?

Donald Trump

CNN’s Jake Tapper is getting praise from some online social media users for asking GOP nominee Donald Trump about how he characterized the Trump University case judge by his heritage during a Sunday interview. Nowhere in the interview did Tapper mention that the judge is also associated with the racist group La Raza.

In other interviews and speeches, Trump clearly lays out his reasons why he maintains this judge should not be assigned to this case and also the maneuvering that got him assigned to the case. The whole case is a lot of nothing designed to try to make Trump look bad before the election. It will fail. Trump will still easily win.

Tapper needs to get in his dictionary and figure out what racism is. He embarrassed himself here. The judge was a member of La Raza and was appointed by Barry. Nothing more needs to be said.

The judge’s membership in La Raza mandates he recuse himself.

As for Trump proclaiming race of judge biases judge unduly against members of other race, that was the exact rationale of Sonia Sotomayor’s appointment to the court: more or less that Latinas could only get a fair shake from fellow Latinas.

I agree that Trump should have mentioned La Raza during this interview and a lot more publicly. I’m sure, though, that when they keep harping on his comments regarding the judge’s Mexican-American status, Trump, and his surrogates will bring the point up – and thereby deflate the head of steam all his detractors have generated.

Also, his comments antagonize racist pro-Mexican radicals, and make them do really stupid things and show their true colors in California. That will bring out the Pro-American vote everywhere else. So polarization is a shrewd play by Trump.

Do you understand the explanation of Trump? The judge is VERY pro-Mexico, has Mexican heritage and has given what Trump thinks are extremely biased rulings. Trump is advocating building a wall and making Mexico pay for it and harming Mexico with his trade policies.

Reagan got elected by antagonizing the left and bringing out its kooks and extremists, which in turn galvanized red-blooded Americans to rally to his side. Trump is doing the same thing. It will work, and will do a lot of good bringing out the voters Trump needs to take Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida (where Mexican chauvinism does not play), which will give Trump the election.

H/T – Youtube/RichGeorge

Its, not a very big stretch to understand what Trump is saying. The judge is biased for Mexico and therefore biased against Trump.

Surely you see that.

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