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Prominent Democrat Who Has Been Bashing Trump Just Ate A Piece Of Humble Pie!

James Carville Trump

Democratic Strategist and Hillary Clinton Camp member James Carville just ate a piece of humble pie when GOP Nominee gave $100,000 to Louisiana flood victims.

Carville has been bashing Trump for Clinton during this entire election cycle as Democrats usually do. After Louisiana was hit with torrid rainstorms and flooded the state, caused major damage to homes and businesses and even killed citizens, Trump flew down with VP nominee Mike Pence to help out.

Carville had to have been shocked by the gesture, as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hadn’t flown into the state before that. Carville, a Louisiana native, is a loyal member of the DNC and for him to give Trump kudos on anything is nothing short of a miracle.

From Politico:

Longtime Clinton ally James Carville sounded a note of appreciation for Donald Trump on Wednesday for his visit last week to Louisiana amid catastrophic flooding.

But Carville, appearing on “Fox & Friends” to promote his book, took issue with criticism of Hillary Clinton declining to visit the state. Trump, who traveled to the state with running mate Mike Pence, criticized President Barack Obama’s visit Tuesday as “too little, too late.” Clinton herself has said that visiting the state would be a distraction to relief efforts.

Carville remarked that he recently ran into James Lee Witt, the FEMA director under Bill Clinton, who reminded him that the “rule” in the Clinton White House was that in times of disaster, “the president didn’t come until I told him all clear.”

“Donald Trump came — thank you, Donald Trump. He gave $100,000 to a Church in Greenwell Springs, it was very effective,” Carville said, repeating, “Thank you, Donald Trump.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Carville honestly thank a Republican but as much as I disagree with the man I thought it was very gracious for him not to mock what Trump did but to thank him for the time he spent, the resources he brought in, and the donation he made. He still attacked Trump on his candidacy, but he showed good form for about 30 seconds.

What did you think of Trump’s visit to Louisiana and Carville’s thank you? Share your voices below in the comment section and let me know what you think. Also, spread this story on your social media time.